New pupils

You are most welcome to pay Antoniusschool a visit. There are no waiting lists. We are more than happy to give you a tour. At Antoniusschool, we first invite parents of our future pupils for a tour with our principal or deputy principal. During our tour, we will find time to introduce ourselves, answer any questions you might have, and have a look at our classes and classrooms. You can always call us to make an appointment. Siblings can be registered with Jorine, who is part of our administration department (upon entering the building through the main entrance, take a right turn).



We have an excellent team of enthusiastic teachers, assistants, specialists and more. To see who works for us, please visit our Team page.

Our mission

Antoniusschool is a school that is known to be a ‘gezellige’ small-town school which offers countless possibilities. Everybody is welcome to attend Antoniusschool. We consider it our personal mission to make sure our pupils are fully prepared for a bright future; happy, self-managing, and confident. We pride ourselves on our positive atmosphere. Positivity is a core value for our team and we highly value comic relief and fun events. Together, we make sure our school is a safe and wonderful place for our teachers, pupils, and their parents, where well-being and safety are important requirements for learning. We try to pay personal attention to our pupils, and truly see them every day.

We offer good education. We prioritise paying attention to personal development and positive learning outcomes for our pupils. Catholic values and traditions are reflected throughout the education we offer.

Equality and equity are core values at Antoniusschool. We encourage responsibility in our team, parents, and our pupils. Therefore, mutual trust is one of our core values. We hope children look back on their time in primary school with joy, knowing they are ready for their next step.

Our vision

Well-being is a prerequisite for learning. Good education, a pleasant learning environment, and experiencing success contribute to well-being and subsequent learning. Therefore, we make sure our pupils build confidence and autonomy by showing them appreciation and by providing them with suitable challenges. Personal development holds a principal place in our education, on top of our focus on the three core subjects in Dutch primary education: language development, reading, and mathematics (taallezen, and rekenen). We offer all pupils quality instructions that cater to their personal support needs. These instructions help pupils to be activated and challenged. Subsequently, we offer a wide range of subjects and activities. As a result, knowledge transfer, activities, field trips, and our classes contribute to active learning.

Vision on learning - organisation

Our school offers a clear structure with quiet and peaceful surrounding. The building’s design provides a safe and personal environment for every child. We pay extra attention to positive and expected behaviour. The teacher is the professional who oversees their pupils’ learning and learning environment. Our supporting staff create extra challenges or offer support for pupils who need it. By employing supporting staff, trained music teachers, and PE teachers we enhance the quality of our education. Our IT tools are up-to-date and used to support and enhance our learning materials. Teachers frequently gather to contribute to the quality of our education. These meetings are held between teachers of several grades or based on a subject-specific committee, or findings based on our pupil monitoring system. We actively rely on our collaborations with parents as part of the parent-teacher-pupil triangle. To us, parents are important partners during their child’s/children’s time in primary school. This collaboration is built on mutual trust and engagement.

Vision on professionalism

From our perspective, teachers are professionals who act based on their knowledge and sense. Their knowledge is extended through continuous team-based training, individual training, and subject specialists’ expertise. Teachers perform critical analyses of educational resources and the curriculum in general. We expect everybody to accept and take responsibility, and to do the right thing in every child’s best interests. Furthermore, we value a professional dialogue that allows for anyone’s input to be appreciated and for mutual feedback to be provided. Our team consists of people who are aware of the fact they are expected to lead by example. Teachers who work in a particular grade are responsible for designing the classes they teach. Everybody is invited to sit in with one another’s classes: together we learn.

Vision on change and embedding change

Upon signalling a need for change, we take on a(n) (scientifical) evidence-based approach that allows us to scrutinize our options and see which ones fit our school best. Our subject specialists share knowledge and look after a well-designed continuous curriculum at our school. Within our foundation, we frequently cooperate and share knowledge to increase the quality of our education. Our organisation features several committees that assess support for any decision that is to be made. We trust these committees and expect them to carefully consider any options they are presented with in-order to reach a decision. The decision is subsequently ratified during a team meeting, during which we analyse whether it fits our school’s vision. Decisions made are well-registered. We include teachers in the process of drawing up a multiannual school plan. This plan then produces an annual plan which allows the team to make well-informed decisions whilst setting aims. Each grade has its own annual programme.